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Console Supervisor - Area 6

    • Job Tracking ID: 512622-821974
    • Job Location: Trainer, PA
    • Job Level: Mid Career (2+ years)
    • Level of Education: 2 year degree
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Date Updated: June 16, 2022
    • Years of Experience: 5 - 7 Years
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Job Description:

Key Role Description

Performs the tasks and functions required for the safe, reliable, and compliant operation of the Area 6 Blender & Tank Farm through the use of the Console along with Supervision of the Operators. Supports performance of daily Operator functions through coaching and communication. Initiates work requests and coordinates daily maintenance work including considering the impact to Refinery operation and emphasizing correct practices and procedures. Communicates with Refinery Optimization Team to identify opportunities & report variances from the oil flow plan. This is a shift work position that is staffed 24/7/365.

Role Specific Competencies

At Monroe, we have identified eleven specific competencies we expect all leaders of our organization to possess. These competencies are incorporated as a part of our Selection, Performance Management/Review and Developmental processes. The competencies and activities for this role are detailed below:

Technical Knowledge - demonstrates the specific skills necessary for the assignments, understands the background and points of leverage to be effective in the role.

* Controls the console to ensure safe, environmentally compliant, and reliable operation of the Area 6 Blender & Tank Farm and supervision of Operators.
* Operates Blender Console, ESD Engines, and Composite Gasoline Samplers to meet operating targets and product specifications; assures product quality standards are met, examines operator/inspector sample test results, requests special analyses, responsible for gasoline blender quality control and communicates operating limits with the goal of optimizing the final product blend, and troubleshooting issues to resolve problems.
* Monitors Tank Inventory System (TIS) as well as Tank Farm Alarms and Emergency Stops; maintains the Pumping Log of Material Transfers, sets up and monitosr pipeline transfers to customers, oversees product transfers through docks.
Knowledge of Work Areas and Responsibilities - demonstrates a clear understanding of role and responsibilities within specific area, flexible and agile in adapting to changes or exploring opportunities and challenges.

* Achieves safety performance by completing daily audits of alarms, safe operating limits, critical safety device outage forms, by identifying hazard and unsafe work, reporting, and correcting.
* Participates in Pre-job Planning and Safety Reviews for high-risk work activities through communication with the Area Leader, Production Leader, Refinery Shift Leader and Operators.
* Develops and delivers daily safety topics in area safety meetings and toolbox talks and encourage Operator engagement in safety programs.
* Monitors equipment for safe, compliant and reliable operating conditions including communicating with Operators in the field
* Evaluates the need for emergency, routine or shutdown unit operation, ensures all safe work practices and procedures are utilized, and performs the tasks successfully.
* Provides direct supervision over operators working in assigned area including communicating verbal instructions for safe and efficient operation, coordinates with Area Leader and P&O regarding contract and labor issues, provides documentation for incident investigations, and counsels employees on safe practices, recommends disciplinary action as/if needed, and enforces posted offences.
* Reinforces operator activities which includes operators monitoring maintenance work including inspecting repair work, confirm completion of maintenance work, and closing out the work through shift change face-to-face communication and during shift radio and telephone communication.
* Audits and coaches operators on the correct adjustments, alignments and routine work practices to understand the impact to the process and the desired targets
* Directs start-ups and shutdowns of equipment and ensures that procedures and practices are followed and documentation is complete.

Communications - Verbal and Written - includes written and verbal communications, delivers presentations and has good listening skills. Interact with other Areas, suppliers, Yield Accounting, and the Refinery Optimization Team.

Problem Solving and Conflict Leadership - strives to understand contributing factors, works to resolve complex situations, and helps individuals to resolve conflicts.

Delivering Results - Sense of Urgency - defines appropriate goals, works toward achieving goals, articulates vision and steps for achievement, meets deadlines and provides timely status updates and follow-through.

Teamwork/Cooperation - accountable to team, works to meet established deliverables, appreciates view of team members and is respectful of others.

Initiative - takes action, seeks new opportunities, and strives to see projects to completion.

Work Reliability/Quality - strives to eliminate errors, accurate work is a priority, and seeks opportunities to improve product/services.

Integrity and Trust - honest, accountable, upholds ethics standards and maintains confidentiality.

Leadership Capability - provides strong leadership, sets a good example, skilled decision maker, motivator and encourager.

People Development/Coaching - offers feedback, coaches employees appropriately, rewards employees wisely, takes mentoring role, challenges and develops employees and offers opportunity.
* Interacts with direct reports on a daily basis to ensure clear and open communications; alignment with goals and objectives; and to proactively address progress, concerns and questions.


Experience and Skills

Education, Experience, and Skill Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:
* 5 years Operations’ experience in Operations or Technical Support Functions in high-risk industry such as refining, petrochemical, or chemical processing.
* High School Diploma required; Associates Degree preferred
* Proficient with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel.
* Demonstrated proficiency in all of Role Specific Competencies.



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