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Environmental Specialist

    • Job Tracking ID: 512622-809491
    • Job Location: Trainer, PA
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Date Updated: February 28, 2022
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Job Description:

Key Role Description

Monroe conducts business safely, reliably, and in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. As such, every person on the Environmental Team expected to achieve the following:
* Timely and accurate reporting to regulatory agencies.
* Comprehensive review and understanding of applicability of state and federal regulations to the facility
* Communication of environmental requirements to the refinery.
* Coordination with other departments to ensure compliance.
* Prompt incident response and reporting.
* Positive working relationships with regulators and the community, built on mutual trust.

The Environmental Team at Monroe reports to the Environmental Leader. The Environmental Specialists support implementation of environmental compliance programs at the Trainer Refinery and have responsibility for one or more specific compliance program(s) that are part of the overall air quality, water quality, waste management, storage tanks, soil management, or remediation programs. The Specialists assist in report preparation and are responsible for data management, QA/QC, and review with Environmental Program Leads and the Environmental Leader. In supporting environmental compliance, Specialists must review and have a strong working knowledge of the regulations and the facility’s permits (e.g., Title V or National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System [NPDES]), so that they can implement strategies that support environmental compliance with applicable requirements. The Environmental Specialist does the following:
* Conducts monitoring of day-to-day compliance with program limits and permit conditions.
* Implements compliance strategies with guidance and direction from Environmental Program Leads and the Environmental Leader.
* Supports project permitting by liaising with internal project teams and consultant support.
* Supports Operations and Reliability & Maintenance teams by providing technical guidance.
* Supports compliance reporting and compliance initiatives by being responsible for specific reports and initiatives.
* Fosters a culture of continual improvement by providing technical guidance, and taking initiative to improve processes.
* Continues personal professional development and education.

Role Specific Competencies

At Monroe, we have identified eleven specific competencies we expect all leaders of our organization to possess. These competencies are incorporated as part of our Selection, Performance Management/Review and Developmental processes. Activities associated with this role are outlined below for each competency category:

Technical Knowledge - Builds understanding and a strong working knowledge of environmental regulations to support specific programs. Strives to continually improve compliance programs.
* Understands all applicable regulations and permits, interprets regulations and determines compliance requirements for assigned programs.
* Serves as a technical resource for environmental compliance at the refinery.
* Knowledge of and intention to gain experience in project management principles.
* Continues personal professional development by attending conferences, seminars, etc. and seeking other development or learning opportunities.

Knowledge of Work Areas and Responsibilities - demonstrates a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, flexible and agile in adapting to changes or exploring opportunities and challenges.
* Responsible for assigned compliance reporting obligations: tracks due dates, supports report preparation, participates in report QA/QC, and submits to regulatory agencies.
* Follows monitoring and reporting processes for assigned compliance programs.
* Supports implementation of goals, objectives, procedures, and best management practices for program(s), with guidance and direction from Environmental Program Leads and the Environmental Leader.
* Coordinates with consultant support related to program compliance.
* Provides support and represents Environmental Department during incident response. Understands reporting obligations.

Communications - Verbal and Written - excellent written and verbal communications skills are required, able to effectively deliver presentations and has good listening skills.
* Interfaces with regulatory agencies, primarily site inspectors and permit writers - maintains positive working relationships.
* Facilitates communication between environmental and other departments.
* Possesses strong technical writing skills.
* Educates others in the refinery about compliance requirements by developing training, presentations, writing guidelines and procedures, etc.
* Communicates regulatory and technical information effectively to all levels in the refinery and to regulatory agencies.
* Modifies communication style to address different audiences.

Problem Solving and Decision Making - strives to understand contributing factors to issues, identifies and gathers related information to understand issues, works to resolve complex situations, and supports decisions advocated by team.
* Uses available resources (e.g., other Monroe team members, regulatory references, consultants, etc.) to develop solutions and provide recommendations for implementation.
* Understands what outcome is wanted, not always what is asked. Works to offer alternatives and develop solutions.
* Analyzes information and considers available alternatives.
* Uses sound judgement and acts with integrity to make decisions.
* Ensures effective communication of decision-making at appropriate levels.

Delivering Results - Sense of Urgency - defines appropriate goals, works toward achieving goals, supports team and company vision by taking steps for achievement, meets deadlines and provides timely status updates and follow-through.
* Supports organization in complying with program regulations by understanding the rules we must follow and helping the facility take the right actions.
* Plans effectively.
* Coordinates compliance tasks such as data management, monitoring of refinery operations, and sample collection.
* Supports Project permitting.
* Responds promptly when called upon for incident response.
* Provides regular area audits, inspections and assessments ensuring adequate and timely follow-through and implementation of corrections as required.

Teamwork/Cooperation - accountable to team, appreciates view of team members and is respectful of others.
* Establishes and maintains effective working relationships/collaboration across departments.
* Fulfills obligations to team (i.e., rotational on call schedule, staff meetings, regular communication).
* Actively participates by offering ideas, asking for help, and sharing information.
* Accepts accountability for mistakes and takes corrective action.
* Earns trust of team for reliable performance, successful implementation of change, and support of key projects.

Initiative - takes action, seeks new opportunities, displays can-do attitude, and strives to see projects to completion.
* Ensures reporting obligations are met by planning ahead, working well with others on the team, gathering accurate information, providing QA/QC, and submitting reports on time.
* Supports Environmental Improvement efforts and helps team continually improve.
* Steps up when called upon and is proactive when needed or when opportunities arise.
* Proactively communicates compliance issues and necessary responses to Environmental Program Leads and the Environmental Leader. Support organization in implementing corrective actions.

Work Reliability/Quality - strives to eliminate errors, has a strong attention to detail, always prioritizes accurate work, and seeks opportunities to improve product/services.
* Supports QA/QC processes and ensures all expected outcomes are delivered.
* Provides results as required and ensures that any follow-up actions are taken, if needed.

Integrity and Trust - honest, accountable, upholds ethics standards and maintains confidentiality.
* Makes decisions with integrity, always in compliance with Environmental rules and regulations.
* Behavior is consistently aligned with Monroe values, particularly Integrity, and Trust & Respect.

Leadership Capability and Conflict Leadership - sets a good example, acts professionally and as a steward of physical, human, environmental and financial resources of the organization, recognizes the achievement and contributions of others, and works to build productive work relationships within the team and cross-functional groups.
* Drives personal ownership of work.
* Actively listens to others
* Identifies opportunities for self-improvement, and within team and across departments.
* Helps individuals resolve conflicts.

People Development/Coaching - communicates with Environmental Leader regarding development, offers feedback, and provides mentoring to others, as feasible.
* Interacts with Environmental Compliance Program Leads and Environmental Leader regularly to ensure clear and open communications; alignment with goals and objectives; and to proactively address progress, concerns and questions.


Experience and Skills

Education, Experience, and Skill Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:
* 3-10 years of previous relevant environmental experience
* Bachelor’s degree required (Environmental Engineering/Science, Chemical Engineering, or similar)
* 1-3 years of experience in a high-risk industry such as refinery/chemical plants
* Proficient with Microsoft Office suite of applications, including Word, Outlook, Teams and Excel.
* Working knowledge of Project Management principles
* Demonstrates strong capabilities in all of Role Specific Competencies.

The candidate selected for the role will be primarily focused on air quality compliance related to CEMS compliance and source testing. Specific job tasks include:
• Monitor compliance with Title V Permit limits through:
o Validating data
o Running compliance trackers
o Maintaining general knowledge of daily refinery operations
• Ensure compliance with Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) regulations
• Manage consultant support
• Coordinate source testing (Relative Accuracy Test Audits [RATAs], combustion tuning, stack tests, etc.) per Title V permit requirements
• Work closely with Air Quality Program Lead to implement Environmental Operating Limits (EOL) program, identify potential permit deviations, and work to verify.
• Prepare and QA/QC various air quality regulatory reports (quarterly, semi-annually, and annually)
• Conduct field audits (JSSRs, Job Safety/Environmental Audits, Contractor Walkdowns, etc.)
• Support all Environmental programs and be willing to learn various disciplines (air quality, water/wastewater, and waste management).



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