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Strategic & Long Term Optimization Lead

    • Job Tracking ID: 512622-675902
    • Job Location: Atlanta , GA
      Trainer, PA
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Date Updated: April 02, 2019
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Job Description:

Key Role Description

Responsible for long term (3 months and greater) planning and optimization of refinery operation. Utilizes experience in refinery economics and refinery processes to value crude type refining margin, ranking and netback information for the Crude supply team. Develops the refinery annual budget oil flow plan and evaluates strategic projects to achieve optimum profitability through Linear Program modeling and other analysis. Communicates oil flow changes that will affect commercial activities with trade floor. Provides breakeven analysis for commercial activities to allow Monroe Energy to achieve the best netback. Communicates market, economic and crude oil information that will affect refinery activities. Responsible for Linear Program accuracy and training

Role Specific Competencies

At Monroe, we have identified nine specific competencies we expect all employees of our organization to possess. These competencies are incorporated as a part of our Selection, Performance Management/Review and Developmental processes. The competencies and activities for this role are detailed below:

Technical Knowledge - demonstrates the specific skills necessary for the assignments, understands the background and points of leverage to be effective in the role.
* Utilize Petro LP to develop crude relative margin, quantify the income impact of missed economic opportunities, and analyze options or scenarios for commercial opportunities.
* Values Crude and Feedstock opportunities that improve refinery profitability and drives the opportunity to conclusion
* Communicates plan variations to the commercial team and commercial opportunities between the commercial team and the refinery team that take advantage of current economic incentives while balancing refinery unit constraints.
* Analyzes refinery economic drivers and communicates to the commercial team and Delta to improve jet fuel price through refinery leverage and evaluate strategic capital projects.
* Weekly communicates strategy and plan updates to Commercial team leaders including performance vs plan, benchmarks, and best netback opportunity.
* Daily discusses Pricing and Market with the commercial team to drive collaboration on costs, income, and improved netback opportunities with collaboration from the refinery
* Monthly, performs and presents variance analysis on refinery gross margin results to provide feedback for corrective actions and improve the LP model.

Knowledge of Work Areas and Responsibilities - demonstrates a clear understanding of role and responsibilities within specific area, flexible and agile in adapting to changes or exploring opportunities and challenges.
* Interacts daily with commercial team and other customers, providing potential impacts to future delivery of product including during off-hours, weekends, and holidays in order to assist in managing of refinery inventories and modifying planned commercial operations.

Communications - Verbal and Written - includes written and verbal communications, delivers presentations and has good listening skills.

Problem Solving and Conflict Leadership - strives to understand contributing factors, works to resolve complex situations, and helps individuals to resolve conflicts.

Delivering Results - Sense of Urgency - defines appropriate goals, works toward achieving goals, articulates vision and steps for achievement, meets deadlines and provides timely status updates and follow-through.

Teamwork/Cooperation - accountable to team, works to meet established deliverables, appreciates view of team members and is respectful of others.

Initiative - takes action, seeks new opportunities, and strives to see projects to completion.

Work Reliability/Quality - strives to eliminate errors, accurate work is a priority, and seeks opportunities to improve product/services.

Integrity and Trust - honest, accountable, upholds ethics standards and maintains confidentiality.


Experience and Skills

Education, Experience, and Skill Requirements

* 5-15 years engineering/optimization/business planning experience in a petroleum fuels refinery with knowledge of refinery LP modeling and scheduling systems preferred.
* Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering or any other related degree is required.
* Experience with Chevron Petro LP preferred, Proficient with Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.
* Demonstrated proficiency in all of Role Specific Competencies.



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